November 13, 2014

The new rifle season for Indiana deer hunting.

Well fellow hunters we have now finished the first weekend of the first deer season in Indiana that allowed the general use of real rifles.

I know that there were and still are many skeptics about the use of centerfire rifles for deer hunting in Indiana but now that the gun smoke has cleared I would guess that some of you have come to realize that bullets are not in orbit around the earth, every hunter with a rifle didn’t shoot at a deer at 400 yards and all of our windows have not been shot out. All of the deer have not been killed and probably not too many of us had deer shot out from under us by someone with a rifle a half mile away.

I think that covers a good cross section of the concerns that I heard or read about leading up to the current season. I also know for a fact that many hunters who opposed the use of high-powered rifles are out there hunting with them right now.

It still remains to be seen throughout the season whether more deer will actually killed because hunters are using rifles or if there will be an increase in property damage or personal injuries.

Enjoy the rest of the season in a safe and conscientious manner.

Jim Phares

Hunting-It’s a human tradition.