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Having lived in close proximity to the prison farm known as West Farm located in Pine Township, Porter County Indiana for all of my adult life, it brought great joy to see it be converted back into wildlife habitat after all of these years.  I was further blessed by successfully drawing for the very first dove hunt to be held on this recently acquired DNR property now known as the Reynolds Creek Gamebird Habitat Area.  This new property will be managed from Kingsbury Fish and Wildlife area, the closest other DNR property.


Two sunflower fields were planted there more than two miles apart and doves seemed to start gathering in the area soon after planting.  About a week before dove season opened part of the sunflowers were mowed; this helps hunters access the fields and makes recovery of birds that are taken much easier.


Due to the recent hurricane in the Gulf we were supposed to get quite a bit of rain on opening day.  The skies darkened and a few drops of rain hit our windshield as we drove

to Kingsbury. Soon after signing in we were on our way to participate in the first dove hunt ever held at the Reynolds Creek property.


The hunting was slow at first but after awhile the birds started flying around more and began feeding in the sunflowers and the nearby corn.  The skies remained cloudy all day and intermittent rain actually felt good during the heat of the day.  The rain had no impact on our hunting and was completely over about halfway through the hunt.  All of the hunters in the field had shooting with a little more going on at the east end of the sunflower field.  We brought home a generous bag of doves that will be enjoyed by the family over the holiday weekend.  The most important part of the hunt for me is just being outdoors.


In December of last year Governor Mitch Daniels announced that the 1250 acre prison property would be transferred to the Department of Natural Resources.  This came as a huge surprise to many of us who thought that there might be a battle over keeping this huge amount of land for the public to use for hunting, fishing and related activities.  Anyone who has lived in PorterCounty as long as I have has seen nothing but loss of available land for wildlife habitat.  This acquisition gives a diverse habitat area back to the people of PorterCounty and the state of Indiana that can be used for a multitude of recreational activities.


With the habitat restoration that is planned for the new site, the wildlife of Porter County has a better looking future.